Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Snow Goes a Long Way!

Yesterday and today schools were closed because of the little amount of snow we got (maybe .25 inch)! However, my boys were determined to make the most of it and played outside for most of the day- with a few in and out moments for a warm-up with some hot cocoa! I was laughing as I watched them out the window with our neighbor, pulling each other down the driveway (which had very little snow on it) on snow boards. Cooper stayed inside, as he is battling yet another cough, and watched out the window. I think he was entertained and quite content just watching from the warm indoors.

Carson and Colby all bundled up

Carson and Colby looking in at Cooper (I love his little reflection smiling back at them)

Carson and Colby with our neighbor, Alexandra Benson