Sunday, April 15, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It's that time of year! BASEBALL....we love some baseball at our house and look forward to the spring, when school is winding down, the weather is warming up, and my suburban becomes full of dirty cleats, gloves, bats, helmets, water bottles, and bat bags! We spend countless hours at the ball park, between practices and games. It's our home away from home!

This year Colby is on the Giants team and Carson is on the Diamond-backs
Both of the boys are playing on teams with familiar team-mates and coaches, which is fun for them. Some of these kids have played together for 4 years. It also makes it enjoyable for the parents, as we have all gotten to know each other and our kids over the years. I love watching them improve and learn more about the game, as well as the character qualities involved with being on a team and playing team sports!
Carson has mostly been playing short-stop and 1st base. He really loves short-stop and has gotten quite comfortable in that position. He is a such a little competitor! I really am proud of how he cheers on his other teammates and goes out of his way to encourage other players. He got a game ball the 2nd game for hitting 3 home runs and was super excited about that!

Carson with Andrew Whetstone- they have played together for 4 years!

Up to bat
Colby typically plays 2nd base and takes it very seriously. He has improved so much with hitting already this year and has been hitting off the coach pitch much more frequently vs. the tee. He has gotten several outs for his team and is a lot faster at running bases than he was last year. He listens to his coaches and is  passionate about cheering for his teammates. One thing I really love about Colby is how he smiles from ear to ear, regardless of how a play turns out...if he hits and gets to base...he smiles. If he gets  got it...he still is all smiles! Such a great attitude all the time. It is especially fun to watch him "slide" into home plate. He runs right up to it and then "slides" at the last second. 
Can't help but love that little cute butt!

Colby striking his "running pose"

The boy's papa has gotten to come to several games this year, since he lives closer. This has been a real treat for them!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

With Age Comes New Responsibilities

Carson will be turning 9 years old soon and dad thought it was a good time to introduce mowing the yard, as part of his responsibility from time to time. It is a push mower (and NOT self-propelled), so it is quite a work-out. He did really good and only missed a few spots! He was certainly tired when he was done, but his face was beaming with pride. I have to say...I am proud of him too. He is a hard worker when he wants to be and will push himself to do better, whether it's school, sports, or just doing things around the house. Of course, we have our moments of giving little effort and lots of procrastination, like any other 8 year old boy. But, when he's in the "helpful mode"....he really rocks! My baby boy is growing up!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bathtub Horror

Well, Cooper did it again! He has been independent in the bathtub for a while now and typically enjoys playing with his little figures, bath toys, etc. for quite a while, without too much supervision. It's actually a great time for me to finish up dinner or help one of his brothers with homework.

The other night I was on the phone with my sister and decided to peek around the corner, just to check on the little man in the bath. I seriously panicked when I saw him! It appeared that there was BLOOD everywhere on the tub and all over Cooper! The little stinker decided to get a tube of my lipstick and paint himself and the tub! As soon as I saw my, now depleted lipstick tube, I was filled with thankfulness (that this was NOT blood) and then I wanted to strangle him. I had to use an entire bottle of make-up remover to get it off the tub and off of Cooper! NOT fun! This boy is seriously something else....but I couldn't love him any more! Fun times!