Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lots of Snow!

Cooper ready to get out in the snow

Snow, snow, and more snow!!! Not only did we have a white Christmas this year, but have already used over 1/2 of our 10 allotted snow days missing school....and it's not even through January yet. In fact, my boys are starting to view snow as "not a big deal", whereas they used to get up at the crack of dawn, driving me crazy to get outside and play in it.

Colby with his snowman
My boys- Carson, Colby, and Cooper playing in the snow
Carson with his snowman

Colby with our neighbor, Zach
The boys with our neighbors- Zach and Alexandra



Tiger Basketball 2011

Carson's 3rd year with the Tiger b-ball team

After the game they won this year- so excited!!

Carson is in full swing with basketball again and plays with the EWA league here in Franklin. This is his 3rd year to be on the Tiger Team with Coach Jeremy and Coach Mark. A lot of these boys have played together since the beginning and it is really neat to see how they have "grown" in their knowledge of the game. This year is a "transitional" year, as they have moved up to an older league, where a lot of the teams have older and much bigger kids, and things are much more intense. So, despite more losses than they are used to, it has been a great year for them to build on their skills. Keep in mind that they won the Championship for their age group last year, however, they have only won one game this year. Carson has definitely had a hard time with that, but it has really been a good lesson for him to keep giving his best effort, whether winning or losing! I'm super proud of him!

Carson's 1st year on the Tiger team
(Look how little they are- so cute)

1st year
2nd year after winning the championship!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflections on 2010

I always think it is a good thing to take a little time and reflect on the past year as you begin a new one. Most of all, it allows me to center my thoughts on God's faithfulness and the ways HE has provided for and guided me over the past year. It also helps me to think about my hopes and fears for what lies ahead, which translate into goals and things I would try to improve upon or change.

It truly blows my mind how life circumstances can drastically change from one year to the next. I feel like our family has lived out the saying, "You never know what tomorrow holds" over the last couple of years, and can honestly say that I am thankful for these circumstances, as they have allowed me to experience God in a real way, and probably more fully than I could have ever imagined otherwise. In fact, 2 years ago tonight, I was at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in the ICU with Cooper (then only 5 months old), who had just undergone his 2nd major surgery to remove the rare, cancerous tumor from his head and neck.

Then, one year ago, yesterday (Dec. 31st), our entire family was at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital delivering the first of many "Cooper Trooper Caring and Courage Kits" to help other families impacted by childhood cancer; with TV crews, hospital staff, and Cooper's oncologist with us, celebrating what the foundation was doing.

Now, here I sit 2 years later, on this same night, thankful that my boy is cancer "clear" at this time. I here the hum of the monitor as he is sleeping in his room. I wonder where this child gets all his energy. My biggest concerns for him right now are making sure I don't miss a dose of antibiotic for the step throat he got last week, and trying to teach him why biting his brothers is NOT OKAY. God is amazing, faithful, and really does know the plans HE has for us!

Cooper now!

What I want for 2011

I know as a wife, I want to be all God intended for me to be to my husband. I want to be his support, showing him the respect he deserves, I want to be his best friend, his biggest cheerleader, his comfort, his advocate, his challenger, his love that is unconditional.

As a mom, I want to pour love into my children, show them the love of Christ and point them toward HIM, encourage them, discipline and speak truth to them, protect them while also allowing them to fail and learn from their mistakes, demonstrate a loving marriage to them, build into them the qualities and character that God intends, all while keeping my cool! :)

Me with my older 2 boys- Carson and Colby

As a friend, I want to speak truth in love, be myself, laugh often, cry when needed, have no regrets, and treasure the small amount of time that I get to spend with them in this crazy phase of life.

Most importantly, as a daughter of The KING, I want to make my time with Christ a priority, soak in HIS truths, pray more often, and spend more time thanking HIM for all the blessings HE has given me. I want to spend more concentrated time in Bible study and journal more often.

I have lots of specific goals that I won't go into, but that is a general picture. I have to say, while 2010 was full of blessings, there were certainly many moments of uncertainty, fear, sadness, anger, and frustration. However, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God uses all of the "hard" circumstances to mold us, press us, and prod us to fall completely dependent upon the Greatness of who HE is. I look forward to what HE has in store for me and my family in 2011!