Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cooper Turns 4

Our little trooper turned 4 on July 28th! It is hard to believe it's been 4 years. In some ways it seems like just yesterday, and in others it seems like an eternity ago. I am always thankful for each of my children and their life and health, but with Cooper....well, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Not only has he overcome so much and won the battle with cancer, but he is truly thriving and does everything to the fullest extent possible! Because of our experience with him, I will forever be changed. I will have a perspective on life that I believe is only really possible through that experience, and I am grateful for that. God has been good to us!
Cooper with mom and dad on his birthday!
Cooper with his brothers- Carson and Colby
Love the excitement on his face here!
Blowing out candles
Cooper wanted to have his birthday party at Monkey Joe's this year. He actually talked about it and planned it almost a year ago, and we have gotten to hear about it numerous times. I was honestly glad to have the party, so we could have some finality to the conversations about it. He had a BLAST and it was very fitting to me that he would want to have a party at "MONKEY" Joe's, since he has lovingly been nick-named "Spider Monkey"by his dad from early in his life.
The Monkey at Monkey Joe's is pretty creepy to me and doesn't really look like a monkey, but Cooper was happy, so that's what matters I guess.
Cooper is very serious about blowing out the candles