Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Road Less Traveled

This past month has been difficult in many ways. As always, I am keenly aware of so many families impacted by childhood cancer. The last few weeks have seemed to be overwhelmingly full of children who have lost the battle. I have felt heartbroken, and honestly, without words, for families that are facing the unimaginable in having their child taken by this monster.

A child diagnosed with cancer...a road I never imagined I would travel on, yet like anyone else on this road, it's a place you are thrust without choice, and certainly without any turning back. For some, that road takes them on a longer journey with hills and valleys along the way, that seems to go on forever. For others, it may be a journey that ends with a life taken entirely too soon. Everyone's journey is uniquely theirs, yet a common bond exists. Gratefully, our journey has been one that appears to have a a healthy, happy ending. One without too much "interruption" when looking at it on a larger scale. However, I believe that once you are sent down that matter the outcome, life will never be the same again. "Normal" life as most know it will never be thought of as "just normal" to you, as it becomes a treasured blessing, after knowing what it was like to wish for and be willing to give anything for your child to have "normal" again. Perspective about so many aspects of life change. I actually look at that perspective change as a blessing. I know I would not look through those lenses without being thrown down that road.

Still, it is honestly hard sometimes to not feel guilty that my child is doing well, when I hear the devastating stories of others whose road took a different turn. Overall, it is just a reminder of where we once were and where we have come. It reminds me to stop and thank God for allowing our story to be what it is, and to pray relentlessly for other families who are still in the thick of it. I don't doubt that God uses those who have "walked a mile in their shoes" to minister to and comfort others on the same road, in a way that only they can. I have stopped trying to question and wonder about the "why's." Rather, my focus has been on continual thankfulness to a faithful God, doing whatever I can to help someone else along the way, and praying that my life perspective never changes even though my road less traveled turned out okay.
Cooper helping me get some Courage Kits together for some siblings of children fighting cancer

Friday, January 25, 2013

Brother Love

Carson (9) and Cooper (4)
There's nothing sweeter to me as a mom than when my boys are being kind to each other. It certainly happens, yet it is usually overshadowed with wrestling, fighting, arguing, and all the "normal" things that brothers do. Tonight was one of those sweet moments.

We try to preserve Friday nights as "Family Night" at our house. This usually involves pizza, a movie, and popcorn (sometimes we play games). Tonight we were watching Cars 2 for about the 50th time and I looked over and saw my oldest and youngest all snuggled up on the couch. Of course, I had to get a picture of that!
What is funny to me about this, is that these two, probably have the closest personalities and the most similarities of the 3 boys. Therefore, they tend to constantly butt heads. Carson had this funny little "quirk" of twirling the hair on the top of his head when he was younger, and I still see him doing it occasionally. Well, guess who else also has the same little got it...Cooper! So, I thought it was kind of cute tonight when I looked over and Carson was twirling Cooper's hair and Cooper just laid there, completely content to let him. By the way, Colby was at the circus for a birthday party. Although, I seriously doubt he would have let anyone twirl his hair! :)

All three of my boys melt their mama's heart! Love them!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


It's time again for Basketball season. It's honestly one of my favorite sports to watch the boys play, even though I know a lot less about the "rules" of basketball than baseball. I like the intensity of it. 

Carson and Thomas Seaman
Colby (Eagles) with his buddy Noah Charest on the Crush team (You should see these two #2's blocking each cute!)
Carson made this sign for his Tigers game against the #1 team and had Colby hold it up during the game!
  I love that Carson has played with the same team of boys and coaches going on a 5th year. These boys have grown up together and play like a true team. It is truly so much fun to watch them play together.

In their younger days!!
Look at these little Tigers

Here are a few of them now. Coach Jeremy and Coach Mark have worked patiently with this team year after year!
I love that Colby was ready to take basketball head on this year, and has given it his all, never letting the fact that he might be a little shorter than others on the team, stand in the way. Small and mighty....he is a force to be reckoned with and I love his attitude and effort.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy New Year!

I always love to look back at the beginning of a new year and remind myself of how God has been faithful, where our family has made changes for the better, and how we could continue to improve. I am a specific, write-it-down kind of girl and we do that every year, but I won't go in to all the details here. 

Basically, in a broad nutshell, 2012 was a great year for our family on lots of levels. Rod started a new job, which was a huge answer to prayer. He is loving it and continues to be so thankful. Cooper has had clear scans...praise God. We joined a new church at God's leading and are loving it. We have gotten to go on a couple of trips here and there. The boys continue to thrive in school and Cooper even got the opportunity to do a Pre-k program with Williamson County Schools. Alabama football did not disappoint. We continue to have an amazing support group of dear friends that we have done "community group" with for 6+ years now. We are blessed with great neighbors and wonderful friends, and as always our extended family is a blessing. The Cooper Trooper Foundation had another very successful pumpkin patch, as well as launched an Endowed Fund at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt for Pediatric Cancer Research!

Here's to 2013!
The Kids having a little sparkling grape juice with our neighbors, Zach and Alexandra Benson, to ring in the new year!