Monday, March 5, 2012

Dressing Up!

 The last month or so has held several opportunities for the boys to dress up for school and Mom's Day Out activities! They enjoy doing that, as do I love watching it, when it's not sprung on me the night before! I need a little planning time and don't do too well with the impromptu, "Mom, I'm supposed to dress up as (fill in the blank) tomorrow!"

Colby dressed up for "Wacky Wednesday" for Dr. Suess week
Cooper dressed for a 50's Sock Hop at MDO

I don't think I anticipated how much little boys like to "play dress-up",  and always thought that was more of a girly thing. Boy was I wrong...we have 2 big tubs full of old halloween costumes and clothes for them to dress up as just about anything they want from doctors to dragons to Darth Vader! In fact, right after Halloween I usually go shopping for potential costumes for next year, in hopes they will like what I get and want to "be" that for 50-75% off the regular price. Some times it's a hit, other times not so much, and those costumes go into the dress up bucket. It's pretty cheap entertainment, whether they decide to wear them for halloween or not!! Who knew??????

Favorite Book Character Day at the boys' school
Carson was an Army guy from a non-fiction book he read about a young vietnam veteran's  journal during the war.
Colby was a Red Ninjago guy
They had a parade at school and held up their book, as they paraded through the gym for parents and 3rd-5th graders. I was glad to hear that Colby's costume hung on, at least through the parade....I was a little worried about it. I won't even go into how much tape and safety pins were involved, not to mention the last minute sword made of cardboard and construction paper!!