Friday, April 15, 2011

Visiting Family in Arkansas

The boys and I took a little "last minute" trip to Arkansas over spring break. Originally, my sister, Heather, was going to come to Tennessee for a visit. However, my niece, Hailey, has been in and out of the hospital and Heather did not need to leave her. So, we decided to go for a few nights to see everyone.

Me and my sweet niece, Hailey

Colby and Carson with their cousin, Paxton (in middle)

My parents (Nonny and Papa) with Colby

Me and my brother, Jeff

Hailey enjoying the fresh air at the park

Paxton and Carson- these 2 have a great time together

My sister, Heather, with her Hailey

My other sister, Lauren, with the boys

One of the "highlights" of our trip was the beautiful weather while we were there- it was in the 70's each day and just gorgeous. We spent a lot of time playing outdoors with everyone. One day we went to a park and Nonny ordered pizza for everyone. There was a creek that the boys literally spent hours playing in. They had an absolute blast just throwing rocks and walking in the creek! I remember loving to play in the creek as a kid.....oh for the simple, fun things that our kids seem to miss out on with all of the technology, etc. distracting them. It was so much fun to watch them really PLAY! 

Nonny playing in the creek with my boys

Cooper loved throwing rocks in the creek

Colby throwing rocks!

Carson just chilling

My niece and nephew- Abby Grace and Paxton

Cousins having fun- Paxton, Abby Grace, Carson, and Colby

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Date With My Carson

I got to have a date with my sweet boy, Carson, when his school did a special "Boys Night" last month. The boys got to invite their mom, grandma, sister, etc. for a date at their school...complete with dinner, a disc jockey playing some dance tunes, and a Home Depot workshop to build your own birdhouse.

 Carson had a blast dancing on stage! He was cracking me up with all of his cool "moves". Most of the moms just sat and watched their sweet boys dancing like crazy up on the stage. It was quite entertaining to say the least!

We built a super cool bird house in the gym in record time! I get the "handy" gene from my dad. We were a great team and it was a lot of fun.

Carson with some of his buddies really strutting their stuff! It was such a fun night, and Carson was quite a little gentleman. He opened the car door for me and even told me that he would pull out my chair at the table (like his daddy told him to), except that the chairs were connected to the cafeteria table so he couldn't...... so sweet! I hope he will be a gentleman like this to his wife one day, but for now, I will just enjoy him being a little gentleman for his momma!