Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Really Important- Life Lessons Taught

This week has been difficult and emotionally draining, to say the least. We found out on Tuesday that Bunky was let go from his job with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, after 11 years with the company. We knew it was probably coming after an announcement by the company several weeks ago, but getting the final word was still hard to swallow. 75% of management in this area were let go, as the company, like many other pharmaceuticals, were unable to meet financial expectations and had to make serious cuts company wide.

I guess the good thing is, that after you have been through what we have gone through over the last 22 months with Cooper, these difficult life circumstances, really seem like "small potatoes" (as my husband said so eloquently himself)! Nonetheless, it causes one to ask a lot of "why" questions. Thankfully, we believe in a God who loves us, cares for us, and will never let go! He writes our story and knew and still knows what lies ahead. Therefore, we put our trust in HIM and wait and hope with joyful anticipation at what HE has in store.

Last night was our end-of-the-season party with the Dodger little league team that Bunky coached. The players got their trophies, had pizza, played a game of wiffle ball and we all enjoyed being at Crockett Park.
Zach Benson (one of the players)- I love this picture of his face as he 
was listening to Coach talk about all he did this season right before he got his trophy!
So proud!

Zach getting his trophy!

After the trophies were given out, the players presented Bunky and the assistant coach with a framed poem, which each of them signed. I think the poem sums up what really matters when you look at the big picture of life! This meant so much to Bunky, especially in the midst of all he has going on. I took a picture of it, but will type out the poem since it is hard to read.

You have taught me to-

Start with prayer before the show
"skateboard, step, and throw"
Stop a ball with my "alligator" chomp
calm down when I run off with a stomp
Play ball in the hot summer rain
Ask, "where's the play?" to awake my brain
Hold the ball up if there isn't a play
Signal me when to steal and when to stay
Have fun by ending practice with a relay race
Look at the dirt outline of where my feet should be placed
See me at my best and award me with a game ball
Grow my confidence and make me feel so tall
Know that some things are more important than to win a game
Give great effort, respect and kindness to others
life-long lessons to real fame!


Real victories in life aren't about winning or losing games, employment, how much money you have, or how you look to others! Real victories are made of the little things- kind words spoken, bonds that can't be broken, confidence built in a child, forgiveness, and having little glimpses into God's perspective of others and life around us that are important!