Friday, January 30, 2015

Jump Rope for Heart

The boys' elementary school holds a "Jump Rope for Heart" event in January to support the American Heart Association each year. This year, because it was the last year all 3 boys would be at the same school together, they wanted to honor their dad at the event. The boys set a goal to raise $1,000. That goal was met and surpassed within 24 hours. They ended up raising just under $3900 when all was said and done. It was a humbling experience and we all felt extremely loved and thankful that so many wanted to support them and remember Rod.

I could really go on and on about all the teachers, staff, and families at Trinity Elementary. They have embraced our family in such a special way since Rod's death…going beyond what you could imagine to do special things to love us and let us know they haven't forgotten. I treasure and am so blessed to walk with so many of them as friends.

So, the night of the event came and Carson and Colby were supposed to speak some about their dad and activities he did with them, as a slide show with pictures of him were shown. Both boys agreed and were actually excited to do this. I was more nervous than they were for them to talk in front of the school and families that were there. I am still amazed at how brave they were and how well they honored their dad as they stood up in front of everyone and shared some memories. Lots of tears from this proud mom. Cooper and I sat just to the side of where they were speaking and I saw Carson's emotion coming from the moment he spoke his first word. It was beautiful, raw, and from the heart. Their dad would be unbelievably proud of them and so was I.
Carson felt somewhat embarrassed after, and was upset with himself because he didn't feel like he said what he really wanted to. I was grateful for the encouragement he received after from friends, adults, and teachers. He was fine by the next morning. With that said, I got his permission to share this video on the blog. His words were…."If it helps someone else in any way, then I want you to show it, mom."

I wrote out what the boys said and the pictures they were referring to when they were talking, because it is hard to understand exactly what they are saying in the microphone and with the noise in the gym. I hope one day, they will look back and realize how courageous they were to do this. I wanted to share, because there were a lot of special people who weren't able to be there and wanted to be. So, here goes...


Hello, I'm Carson. In this picture it's me, my brother, and my dad in the backyard being active and having a fun time…playing football or just running around. My dad was a coach for me on my baseball teams and he would yell sometimes, but I always loved him and just kept on persevering.


This is a picture of us playing football and we love football a lot. That's us playing in the mud in a football game. We got really muddy. And, our favorite team is Alabama. We always like to play football and have a good time.


My family has gone through some really hard times, but we always keep persevering and heading toward the light. We always keep going and never give up even when it's hard. We should always finish strong, and never give up, and always persevere.