Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

It is often said, "God doesn't give you more than you can handle." I do not like this statement, nor do I agree with it. In God's own word, He says that His grace is sufficient for us, and His power is made perfect in our WEAKNESS (2 Corinthians 12:9). I believe that God does, in fact, give us more than we can handle. He doesn't want US to "handle" anything. Through His grace and power, He gives us the strength to persevere when our circumstances are unbearable. When faced with life situations that are really just too much, Christ draws us to Him to seek the strength to "handle" what is otherwise humanly impossible.

This Christmas has honestly been too much for me to "handle." The day came and went. What felt humanly unbearable for me, was survived. I literally existed through the day. Only a couple of days later, it really feels like a blur. Did I enjoy moments? Somewhat. Were there moments of happiness and the wonder that is experienced around children on Christmas day? Yes. However, I fought to keep my thoughts from drifting to the longing my heart felt to have Bunky here with me. Everything was a constant reminder to me of what was missing.
Cousins on Christmas morning- Ethan, Alea, Emma, Carson, Caylee, Colby, and Cooper
My boys with most of their cousins at Playtime Pizza
Me and my sister, Heather
Foosball tournaments at night with the family!
I was glad to be in Arkansas with family, yet, was ever so aware of the reason WHY I was actually there for Christmas and not at home. The boys enjoyed spending time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a great distraction for them. Just what they needed. I was glad to see my family, but continually fought to stay in the moment of who was around me, rather than be bitter about who wasn't. I found joy sprinkled in with the loneliness I felt. God, no doubt, used my family to help me get through this holiday…to help me "handle" my reality. I am thankful for His grace. Without experiencing the deep valley that I am in, I would never experience the full measure of what He offers to sustain me. That really is a blessing, and I am choosing to believe that. Most of all, this Christmas brought an even greater awareness of the HOPE that started with a baby in a manger. Because God sent His only son to this earth as a baby to later die on a cross for me…I know the end result. This is not it. I rejoice that this is not my home and that one day I will be doing just what Bunky did this Christmas…celebrate Jesus' birthday with Jesus himself. What a party that will be!
Papa (my daddy) with Carson, Colby, and Paxton (cousin) at "Playtime Pizza" in Little Rock.
Cooper playing with his cousin, Emma
Uncle Craig, Nonny, Papa, Aunt Lauren and Ethan. Caylee and Abby Grace in front.
My prayer for 2014, and for every day, is that I will not ever attempt to "handle" anything on my own. Rather, that I would rest in His great love and provision for whatever each new day brings.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wrapped in LOVE

My heart truly does overflow with gratefulness for how well we are loved. I still get cards in the mail regularly…sometimes from people I don't even really know, letting me know that we are thought of and prayed for. I have kept every email, every card and I treasure them. There is just something about written words that can penetrate the heart over and over, as they are read now and in the future. Never underestimate the power of taking a few minutes to write (or type) your thoughts to another. I truly cherish others encouraging words.

Another gift that I will always cherish, is one given to me by my small group (community group). Our family has been a part of this group together for over 6 years and truly value the dear relationships formed through it. It is refreshing to be authentic with others and share your vulnerabilities as individuals, as a couple, and as parents, without fear of judgment. It is a rare gift. The boys and I continue to be a part of that group. They walked with us through some of our hardest days when Cooper was diagnosed with cancer, and they continue to be a constant support to me and the boys with the loss of Bunky, along with so many others.

This group had some of Bunky's special t-shirts made into a quilt for me! I love this and can't put into words how much it means to me.

They also had quilts made for each of the boys with their daddy's t-shirts/ jerseys from teams of theirs he had coached. We will always cherish these special gifts. 

If you come by our house this winter (or anytime really), you will most likely find at least one of us wrapped up in our quilts. We all love them. The boys sleep with theirs and love to show them off and talk about the stories behind the different shirts. It just feels like it brings a little piece of him closer. We are blessed to be so "Wrapped in Love."

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

Below is the letter I intended to send out with our Christmas cards. It was a little long, so I decided to post it here instead….
This was last Christmas Eve as the boys and their daddy "tracked" Santa on the computer. I love this!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
On July 3, 2013, our world as we knew it came to a screeching halt. The most amazing husband, father, son, friend, coach, mentor...a 42 year-old man who was so many things to so many people... left this journey on earth and embraced his eternal home in Heaven. Not a day goes by that we don’t long to see him, hear his voice, or feel his presence in a tangible way. At the very core of our family, we feel broken, displaced, and incomplete. 

Grief is a strange thing. It seems that one minute life seems okay and at best...livable, but just under the surface, the reality that all you have known for years and all that you intended to know for years to come, has just been ripped away. The boys and I have moments of joy and laughter and love to talk about our favorite memories or “what do you think dad would say/do about that?” Even the moments of happiness, which sometimes feel fewer and farther between, are tainted and tempered with the pain of loss. 

Nothing can ever prepare someone for suddenly losing the love of their life. There are times I look at our boys and can hardly breathe, just imagining what I will face in the days and years to come, without having their dad here to share in it with me. What I do know, is that I believe in an Almighty God. One who was not caught off guard by this and the ONE who will slowly mend the broken pieces of the core of our family together again. He is near to the broken-hearted and will faithfully carry us when our legs just won’t take one more step. 

I also know that HE is the reason I have HOPE that this broken world is not the end. Because He sacrificed His ONLY son, Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven, our debt has been paid, we have been redeemed. Nothing and no one can keep us from His love for us. Basically, this life is NOT it...not all we have to look forward to. There is nothing greater than knowing these truths and knowing that my man is basking in the glory of His Savior. I can’t wait to join him one day! I hope that this holiday season, the birth of Jesus, the VERY one whom my husband is now in the presence of, will be more real to you than ever before. I can think of nothing Rod Cook would love more, than to know his friends and family will be joining him at his party in Heaven one day. 

For all that has been done for us, well, it is honestly just overwhelming. I couldn’t possibly begin to sit down and thank every person for all the MANY ways you have cared for and blessed us. We have had strangers show up at our door with food, gifts, and money. The boys have had countless sleepovers, play dates, and rides to practices. The meals have ministered to me like you wouldn’t believe, as I have just felt weary, and unable to think through coming up with grocery lists to cook. The cards, phone calls, texts, emails, gift cards, interior and exterior house decorating and maintenance, helping with homework, house cleaning, yard maintenance, and the list could really go on forever! We have felt your prayers and continue to feel deeply loved in every way. It is truly a testimony to the kind of man Rod was. 

I cherish every second that I had with him. Bunky used to always talk about how what really mattered was the “dash” between his birth date and the date he would die. His life on this earth, which represented the “dash,” leaves a remarkable legacy and lasting impact on those whose lives he touched. Each of you have honored him well by the way you have supported us.... “Thank You”....just isn’t adequate, but please know my heart is overflowing with gratitude. 

The boys and I continue to go to therapy, as we process this great loss. Carson and Colby are both starting basketball and are doing well in school. Cooper is just enjoying being in Kindergarten and isn’t interested in team sports yet, although, he did mention the other day that he wanted to take “Ninja Guitar” lessons...not sure what that is? We had a wonderful pumpkin patch this year for The Cooper Trooper Foundation. I am so thankful for the many who stepped up and took such a load for me this year. Our sales were up 41% from last year. Rod Cook would be celebrating that one...and I feel certain he is! 

Finally, I just wanted to ask for continued prayers this year for some specific things:
Colby’s birthday (2/10)- Rod’s was 2/13 and they always celebrated together, so I know this year will be tough for Colby. Spring Baseball season (this will be hard for all of us, as he had a huge presence with spring baseball), Carson’s birthday (5/20), He went home to be with Jesus (7/3), Cooper’s birthday (7/28),  Anniversary (8/1), My birthday (9/6)

With hearts full of love and gratitude, 

Missy, Carson, Colby, and Cooper Cook

Monday, December 9, 2013


I sometimes think of my life before Bunky died and it seems like an eternity ago. Other times it feels so recent. So much so that I'm not even sure I really believe it has happened. People are so well-intentioned, and I was one of those people at various points in my life. Now that I am on a different side  of things, I wish I could take back things I said that I thought were the "right" thing. More importantly, I wish I would have not said anything at all sometimes…because sometimes, that really is the best thing in the moment.

I think one of the things I absolutely love the most, is when someone shares a story with me or the boys about something Bunky said or did. Funny. Sweet. Stupid. It doesn't matter. I just like hearing his name in a conversation and listening to others share their memories.

It seems a lot of people are afraid to do this…I would have been before. People are afraid they will upset me and then God forbid, I might get emotional and they don't know how to handle that. So, they just don't bring him up. For daily life...from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep (and even after I go to sleep), is a constant reality of the void that is now my world. I miss him. He was here one minute and gone the next. To hear about him from others, who have specific memories that I might not even know about, brings a little piece of him back to me for that moment. Might I get emotional? Possibly, but I have no expectations for anyone to do anything with that. I'm just grateful for a small moment to remember. It's like a salve that takes the sting out of an open wound…even if just for a moment. The pain is still there and I have no idea if or when that will ever really go away. All I know is that a little of the sting stopped for just a minute, as I found joy in remembering the man he was. So, please don't be afraid to tell me or the boys your stories. To remember is to honor.

An example of one of the stories that has just been a great reminder of how much fun Bunky was, is the story of "Netter" from Camp John Marc. He was a part of the first summer staff and told me about his time there on our very first date. I knew immediately how special this place was to him. He would tell the campers about an imaginary fish he named "Netter," which could not be caught and even broke the net. Chronically ill campers still enjoy trying to catch the big imaginary catfish. In fact, Camp Director, Vance Gilmore, sent the boys shirts he had made with Camp John Marc and Netter on them. The boys love hearing these stories and so do I. Please don't stop sharing them with us.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

When the Dust Settles

The marker at Bunky's gravesite finally came in. I think he would be proud of it.

I knew it would begin happening for me. The dust would "settle" and reality would come crashing in. Grief is so interesting how it comes in waves and at the most bizarre times. I believe for 3 months, I kicked in to "Super Missy" mode. Anyone who knows me at all, knows that it is my personality to stay calm and non-emotional when something devastating happens. I have my moments, but they are just that….mine, not to share with many others. They happen late at night (or early in the morning) when my kids are sleeping. The evenings are truly the loneliest times imaginable.

I cannot begin to explain the amount of paperwork and phone calls that need to be made soon after you lose a spouse, especially when you have young kids. It is emotionally exhausting and draining in every sense of the word. And yes, it really does take hours every day. I still have some stacks of "unfinished business" that I had to just give up on for now.

Then, the pumpkin patch came along. Thankfully, I wasn't required to be involved with it this year, nearly as much as I have in the past. Nonetheless, it was still a focus of attention and honestly, a good distraction.

So, here we are at the end of November. Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us. I have found that the tears flow more freely and frequently. They are triggered by some of the most simple and strange things at times. In fact, had you been at the car tag and title renewal office the other day, you would have witnessed one of my more random occurrences. Of course, in God's provision, the cashier lost her husband 3 years ago. Needless to say, she ended up on the other side of the counter hugging me while I sobbed. I can't even tell you exactly what brought it on.

In all honesty, I dread the holidays. Everything is a reminder that I am not only grieving the present, but also the past and the future. It is sometimes hard to even look into my boy's faces right now….knowing what they miss and will miss out on in the days to come. I am heartbroken for them.

The dust has settled and my new reality has come crashing down around me. So, this Thanksgiving I would challenge others to really take a minute to think about what you are thankful for. Don't just skip over Thanksgiving in anticipation of Christmas. Go one step further…let someone know if you are thankful for them and why. It may be your last opportunity. Don't let it pass. If you see me, please don't tell me your complaints about family and holidays. I can't hear it right now. I would give anything to have him home for even one more Christmas.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sunsets Will Never Be the Same

After the CTF pumpkin patch (about every other year) our small group tries to get away to the beach for a week together. I told a friend, not long after Rod went home to be with Jesus, that I longed to go to the beach and see the sunset. Of course, I am finding now that everything that may feel enjoyable for me is tempered with an underlying loneliness, that I fear, may never really go away. You see, this was one of my husbands absolute favorite things in life. It was referenced in his Celebration of Life service and a video that would be played at his service in conjunction with "Amazing Grace", was actually captured on the beach trip the year before. You can watch it HERE if you have time.

I remember countless sunsets with him. I remember many conversations between the two of us, as we watched in awe of God's brilliant ability to create something so magnificent. Many beautiful moments shared with the love of my life as we watched sunsets together. We talked about our hopes, our dreams, our children. We talked of how we would one day like to own property close to the beach, because it was the place we relaxed the most. I, of course, was going to have to take golf lessons, to keep the game somewhat interesting for him. We would grow old together and play all the beautiful golf courses close to the beach, as long as our physical bodies would let us. We would hopefully get to enjoy our kids and grandkids for years to come. It was "our" plan. God's plan was different. Still, I am thankful to have those sweet memories made while watching many sunsets over 17 years.
One thing I remember most about sunsets with him, was that he truly wanted to watch the sun ALL the way in, it is dark and the moon is glistening on the tides coming in. Once that happened, he was happy to pack up and join the other couples, who were typically showered and waiting on us to go eat dinner somewhere. I would often get frustrated and want him to hurry, knowing that others were waiting on us. He was steadfast and unwilling to give in to my requests to leave until he had watched it go completely down and turn dark.
This year we did a girls vs. couples trip to the beach. I am grateful for the sweet sacrifice made by my friends, as I know there's just something wonderful about being at the beach with your spouse. Five out of seven nights we were there we were able to watch a full sunset...."Bunky style." And let me just say, I loved every second of it. I probably for the very first time just "got it"...why he loved it so. It was breath-takingly beautiful and unhurried. Stunning. Comforting. I felt as close as I could humanly feel to his presence with me. I had dear friends who sat with me in my tears and heartache, surrounded me with prayer and music playing on the iphone, and who stuck it out in the cold sand and rapidly dropping temperatures, until I was ready to go. Just what I needed.

I was ever so aware that I would never get to experience another sunset from the vantage point I was at, with my Bunky. It hurt at a deep level that I can't even put into words. I know that what he sees is indescribably more beautiful than my most beautiful sunset experience on this earth, yet it tore me to pieces when the reality of him never sitting beside me again to watch the sun set washed over me. Reality is harsh, but necessary for healing. In spite of it, My Heavenly Father, the very ONE who created the sunsets, is close to the brokenhearted and I feel Him near. I long to see what is in store for me in Heaven, because my sunsets here on earth will never really quite be the same again.

I miss you more than words can say, my love!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Tides" of Excitement and Sorrow "Roll" in Tuscaloosa

Last weekend Carson, Colby, and I went to Tuscaloosa to cheer on the Alabama Crimson Tide! They were so excited to watch a game and live the experience they have heard about over and over from their daddy. Bittersweet, seems like an understatement, but is probably the only word I can come
up with.

I wasn't prepared for the emotional wreck it caused within me personally. I knew it would be fun to watch the excitement on their faces, as it was. I just wasn't prepared for how it ripped me apart at the same time. Bunky should have been there to experience this with them. I smile just imagining the proud look on his face. For him to see his boys' expressions as we walked through campus before the game, would have been priceless. He would be beaming and so excited to tell them at least a thousand facts about everything they saw.

Thankfully, one of Bunky's dearest, long time friends, Dan, and his family went with us. Dan was struggling himself, and not a word was needed between us. We both knew the sadness and longing we felt for Bunky to be the one there, doing this with his boys. There were several times Dan and I would just look at each other, acknowledging the tears that filled our eyes...knowing the unspoken thoughts. It was hard. It was fun. It was a million emotions wrapped into one. I suppose that is what any number of things will feel like.

Tuscaloosa holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it where I met the love of my life, but it was our first place to call home as a married couple. It was the place where Bunky lured me in to all things BAMA. It is where we first found out we were pregnant, and also where we experienced the great loss of our first pregnancy. It is where we discovered we were pregnant again...with our first son. Tuscaloosa is where he tirelessly pursued a career in pharmaceuticals. It is where he would be offered his first job in that industry, by the same man who would become a dear friend and speak at his funeral 14 years later. So many memories were made in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I wasn't quite prepared for them to all come rushing back (like a tide), the moment we drove into the city. They did. It hurt. Yet, there was some redemption in seeing the pride and excitement on the boys' faces. So, I still say "Roll Tide," yet there is something different about it now. There is no doubt, I am grateful for that experience for Carson and Colby, in spite of my sadness.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch 2013 for The Cooper Trooper Foundation is underway and going well. There is just a big absence felt. We all feel it....everyone who has spent time over the last 3 years devoting many hours during their October to help. This was Bunky's passion. The success of our biggest fundraiser for the foundation rested heavy on him. It was personal. He measured success not only on the money made, but even more on how many new people were made aware of the impact of childhood cancer. It's hard to greet people and tell the story that I have told for the last 3 years. There is just so much more to my story our story. It's hard. It's raw. I can almost feel myself choke on my own words as I speak to customers. Yet, that's where I want to be and what I want to be doing. I want this to be the best year ever and honor his dreams. I want him to be proud. I feel certain that he is.

Friday, October 11, 2013

How life can change in just 6 months

I realize it has been since Cooper's last MRI in April, that I have posted anything. I'm not even sure how to go backwards and really recapture all that has transpired in the last 6 months. At the same time, I have felt "nudged" by God to write. Write what? I don't really know. Write where? Continue writing in my journal? Pick the blog up again? I'm not even sure. I just know it's what I should do. I believe there is healing in it. I believe in the importance of recording moments, as we are never promised tomorrow. And what we have to say today; well, it may be of real value to someone tomorrow or at some point in the future. So, here it is or here it goes. I'm not sure what it looks like. I don't know how "messy" it will be or how much of my heart I really want to share. I will let God lead me in that. What I know in this moment are these things: 1.) I ache for my husband to be next to me even just for one more day. 2.) I'm certain that God is who HE says HE is and that HE will be faithful....even when I want to shake my fists at Him, in seething anger for what HE has allowed to happen. 3.) My boys fill me with joy and bring daily reminders of God's goodness. 4.) I am beyond blessed by those who have lifted my arms when I couldn't, who have allowed me to just be me (no matter how ugly that may look), and have extended grace, even when I can't seem to do that for myself.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Clear MRI for Cooper

Waking up from the anesthesia after MRI
April 3rd, Cooper went for his routine 6 month MRI to check for recurrence of tumor. Praise Jesus it was evidence of disease!! With each passing period of time between scans, I feel more confident that we have really beat cancer. I'm not sure if I will ever be totally worry-free, especially right before a scan. However, I know my God is good and HIS peace blankets my fragile mom's heart. He always meets me right where I am.

We truly are blessed to live in a city with a hospital like Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. We have gotten to know the nurses, anesthesiologists, and radiologists in the Radiology Dept. quite well. They have taken this journey with us and really are special to us. There is something so comforting about seeing their familiar faces when we have to be back at the hospital, not just for Cooper, but for us as well.
Cooper with nurse Christa! We absolutely love her!
Cooper with his Oncologist, Dr. Ho.....such a great man!
Celebrating and thanking God for great results again!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Color Run

 Such a fun time doing this 5K with some of my sweet friends. There were 15,000 people in Nashville who participated. 
Our crazy, Traci, Alyson, Caroline, Diane, and Ken (Traci's parents)
By biggest fans came out and surprised me at the race!!
Alyson, Traci, and me


Colby (7), Cooper (4), and Carson (9)
 While Easter traditions, such as egg dying and Easter baskets, continue to be fun in our has been neat to see the boys embrace the importance of this holiday more and more as they grow older. Without Easter, we would have no HOPE. Thankful for a Savior who came to this earth, lived as man, died in our place, and became victorious over death by his resurrection. He is risen, indeed! By HIS wounds, we are healed. Thank you, Jesus!

Character and School Dress-Up Days

The boys have had several opportunities to dress in "costumes" at school fact, one week I thought all the dressing up was going to do this mom in! I'd rather deal with endless homework than have to pull costumes together at the last minute. Thankfully, we have acquired quite a stash of random costume type items over the years. 
Cooper dressed up wacky for "Wacky Wednesday" during Dr. Suess week for Pre-K
Colby dressed up as "the man with the yellow hat" from the series of Curious George books,  for Book Character day
Carson dressed up as "Wages" for Vocabulary Word dress-up day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Colby's 7th Birthday

February is a BIG month in the Cook home. Colby's birthday is the 10th and his daddy says that Colby was the best birthday present he ever he celebrates on the 13th. I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on my sweet Colby Watson Cook, as he turned 7 years old this year. 
Colby is truly one of the most thoughtful, kind-hearted kids I know. (I know I'm his mom and a little biased, but you can really ask anyone and they would probably say the same thing). He amazes me the way he puts others before himself and goes out of his way to make others feel good about themselves. It is not unusual for him to tell me at any random moment how much he loves me and that I am the best mommy in the world. He loves hugs and all things "snuggly". For example, you could give this kid a soft pair of pj's, a stuffed animal, or even a soft blanket and he is thrilled!! I have loved watching him as he has really gained confidence in school and in sports this past year. His determination and persistence to face obstacles is a character trait that I hope he will carry on into adulthood, because there is no doubt that Colby will accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. Happy 7th Birthday, Colby! You are LOVED!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Road Less Traveled

This past month has been difficult in many ways. As always, I am keenly aware of so many families impacted by childhood cancer. The last few weeks have seemed to be overwhelmingly full of children who have lost the battle. I have felt heartbroken, and honestly, without words, for families that are facing the unimaginable in having their child taken by this monster.

A child diagnosed with cancer...a road I never imagined I would travel on, yet like anyone else on this road, it's a place you are thrust without choice, and certainly without any turning back. For some, that road takes them on a longer journey with hills and valleys along the way, that seems to go on forever. For others, it may be a journey that ends with a life taken entirely too soon. Everyone's journey is uniquely theirs, yet a common bond exists. Gratefully, our journey has been one that appears to have a a healthy, happy ending. One without too much "interruption" when looking at it on a larger scale. However, I believe that once you are sent down that matter the outcome, life will never be the same again. "Normal" life as most know it will never be thought of as "just normal" to you, as it becomes a treasured blessing, after knowing what it was like to wish for and be willing to give anything for your child to have "normal" again. Perspective about so many aspects of life change. I actually look at that perspective change as a blessing. I know I would not look through those lenses without being thrown down that road.

Still, it is honestly hard sometimes to not feel guilty that my child is doing well, when I hear the devastating stories of others whose road took a different turn. Overall, it is just a reminder of where we once were and where we have come. It reminds me to stop and thank God for allowing our story to be what it is, and to pray relentlessly for other families who are still in the thick of it. I don't doubt that God uses those who have "walked a mile in their shoes" to minister to and comfort others on the same road, in a way that only they can. I have stopped trying to question and wonder about the "why's." Rather, my focus has been on continual thankfulness to a faithful God, doing whatever I can to help someone else along the way, and praying that my life perspective never changes even though my road less traveled turned out okay.
Cooper helping me get some Courage Kits together for some siblings of children fighting cancer

Friday, January 25, 2013

Brother Love

Carson (9) and Cooper (4)
There's nothing sweeter to me as a mom than when my boys are being kind to each other. It certainly happens, yet it is usually overshadowed with wrestling, fighting, arguing, and all the "normal" things that brothers do. Tonight was one of those sweet moments.

We try to preserve Friday nights as "Family Night" at our house. This usually involves pizza, a movie, and popcorn (sometimes we play games). Tonight we were watching Cars 2 for about the 50th time and I looked over and saw my oldest and youngest all snuggled up on the couch. Of course, I had to get a picture of that!
What is funny to me about this, is that these two, probably have the closest personalities and the most similarities of the 3 boys. Therefore, they tend to constantly butt heads. Carson had this funny little "quirk" of twirling the hair on the top of his head when he was younger, and I still see him doing it occasionally. Well, guess who else also has the same little got it...Cooper! So, I thought it was kind of cute tonight when I looked over and Carson was twirling Cooper's hair and Cooper just laid there, completely content to let him. By the way, Colby was at the circus for a birthday party. Although, I seriously doubt he would have let anyone twirl his hair! :)

All three of my boys melt their mama's heart! Love them!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


It's time again for Basketball season. It's honestly one of my favorite sports to watch the boys play, even though I know a lot less about the "rules" of basketball than baseball. I like the intensity of it. 

Carson and Thomas Seaman
Colby (Eagles) with his buddy Noah Charest on the Crush team (You should see these two #2's blocking each cute!)
Carson made this sign for his Tigers game against the #1 team and had Colby hold it up during the game!
  I love that Carson has played with the same team of boys and coaches going on a 5th year. These boys have grown up together and play like a true team. It is truly so much fun to watch them play together.

In their younger days!!
Look at these little Tigers

Here are a few of them now. Coach Jeremy and Coach Mark have worked patiently with this team year after year!
I love that Colby was ready to take basketball head on this year, and has given it his all, never letting the fact that he might be a little shorter than others on the team, stand in the way. Small and mighty....he is a force to be reckoned with and I love his attitude and effort.