Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Don't Forget Dad"...Don't worry...we won't!

I've said this before, but Father's Day and Mother's Day both come with a bag chock-full of emotion for me! I'm sad, I'm grateful, I'm lonely. I'm experiencing joy one minute and such grief the next. I'm basically one hug or look away from completely losing it on anyone who might interact with me.

The commercialization of these two days get on my LAST nerve! Much like several other holidays. Really...if I get one more email in my inbox or see one more commercial or sign about Father's Day deals, I may vomit. "Don't Forget Dad" is my favorite. Really?!

"Don't forget to spend lots of money on dad" is what they really should come on out and say. After all, it's one more opportunity for businesses to market their products and play on the guilt we have if we don't buy something super special or super expensive for dad! "Get dad what he really wants" is also one of my faves! (insert sarcasm)

In the meantime, it comes over as so trite to those who don't have a dad to celebrate. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to do something special for dad (and moms) on their day, but it doesn't have to be so "in your face" and marketed in a way that equates dollars with how much you care. To a child, or adult for that matter, who doesn't have their mom or dad here to celebrate, forgetting is impossible.

In fact, how can we forget? How could we ever forget? He was here and he's gone. If he were here, we would celebrate every day...because every day is a gift! And we don't have every day anymore....we don't have any days EVER again.

I know I sound bitter, and to be honest, there is still some bitterness to work through. I will own that.  And I'm in therapy with God about that. My point of even writing was not to go on a lashing out spree of the highly commercialized Father's or Mother's Day. (I will still do a little something for mine and Bunky's dad, just to be clear. I'm not a total Father's Day Grinch.) The boys and I will also spend the day away from the "hype" of it all and just enjoy remembering their dad in our own way.

My point to all of this...If you are blessed to have your earthly father something to remember your dad EVERY chance you get. Make the most of opportunities throughout the year to celebrate and show them love and appreciation...not just on one day.

I found this sweet note from Carson to his dad the other day (and by the way, it was not a Father's Day gift). I remember Carson giving it to him and he immediately put it on his bulletin board in his office. I found it there the other day behind some other things that had gotten pinned in front of it. I remember how he was so proud to get this from Carson, and despite his "tough guy" appearance, he was teary as he read it. Their dad knew he was loved by his boys and I'm sure he would tell you what a big deal that was if he could.
So, please DON'T forget dad this weekend...I can assure you we won't. But, don't forget him all year long, either! Also, I am pretty certain if you ask, your dad will tell you "what he really wants" is to be loved and appreciated ALL year long! Happy Father's Day to my daddy, Rod's dad, my grandfather and many other amazing dads out there!!