Friday, November 13, 2009


The news came yesterday afternoon that Cooper's MRI was clear! It is so hard to put into words what you go through mentally and physically while waiting for what the results will be. It is a strange balance between trying to hope for the best and at the same time fearing the worst. The bigger picture is what I try so desperately to keep my eye on- God's faithfulness in every circumstance! I am human- just a mom worried about her baby and also a sinner who allows my mind to travel to those dark places that Satan would love to have me dwell in. Thankfully, my Father's voice of TRUTH is always there if I will just listen- even when the news is not what I want to hear about Cooper! Praise God- this time it was ALL GOOD!

Psalm 33: 20-22

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow we go in the morning for Cooper's MRI. We are hoping and praying for great news! I want to believe so badly that everything is clear, but am also aching inside at the thought of what is possible. I want to enjoy the holidays without the worry of chemo or anything else. If you think about it tomorrow morning, please pray for sweet Cooper- that he will be calm in spite of being hungry as we wait for the anesthesia team, that there will be no complications with anesthesia, that the neuro-radiologist who has to read Cooper's MRI will be there, that Cooper's oncologist will be in and available to receive the report, that we will get the results quickly, and that those results will clearly show no signs of the cancer recurring. God is so good and we are believing Him for BIG things for Cooper! Thank you for thinking of us, loving us, supporting us, and most of all for praying for Coop! We will post any news we get on the "NEWS" link of the webpage.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pizza Chefs

One of our family traditions is to have a movie/pizza/popcorn night on Friday nights. The boys love it and we are pretty consistent in keeping this routine as a family. Last Friday night the boys wanted to make their own mini-pizzas, which we have done several times before- I just never get pictures of it! I love family traditions, and also love seeing my kids take pride in something they have "made"! It was yummy pizza too!

Our Little Beaver!

We are now officially referring to Cooper as our little "beaver". He is "munching" his crib non-stop! He will even do it in the middle of the night. I kept hearing weird noises coming from his room and now I have figured it out. I have literally had to sand his crib railing to smooth it out because it was rough from where he chewed and he was getting little splinters in his lips! Our pediatrician recommended putting that thumb-sucking stuff on there because it tastes nasty, but it doesn't seem to phase him! I have been reading on line some ideas and plan to tape down some material over it tomorrow. It is CRAZY!

This is one of the sides of the crib

This is the front of his crib! He has literally chewed the the paint off- it is awful!

Here is our little beaver with his swollen lip! :(

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun for the Young and Old!

Halloween weekend was jam-packed with lots of activities- from our Papa from Alabama visiting for the weekend, to an adult murder mystery dinner with our Community Group, to Carson's flag football game, to Fall Festival at Colby and Cooper's Mom's day out church (Franklin Christian), to our annual trick-or-treating with the neighbors! This year was great because we didn't have to buy a single costume! Everyone was content with something from our "costume closet" or a hand-me-down (it's so nice having all boys)!

Colby and Cooper with their Papa

Carson eventually got over wanting to be a hip-hop dancer and settled in on the Darth Vader costume I purchased at 75% off last year after Halloween.

Colby first wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean (another 75% off costume from last year). However, after putting it on, decided he didn't like the dread locks hanging in his face and had a melt down so we quickly changed to Indiana Jones (which was Carson's costume last year)! I loved the Jack Sparrow on him, but it wasn't worth the fight!

Cooper was a little brown bear, which was Colby's costume from 2 years ago!

Neighborhood Fun

Mario (Thomas) and Darth Vader (Carson) with
The Disney Twins (Sarah and Katie) and Indiana Jones (Colby)

Halloween Fun for the "big kids" too!

Bunky and I were Banker Bob and Banker Bonnie in the Murder Mystery! Fun stuff

Me and the girls in our costumes..... minus Andrea!

By the way- I was at Toys-R-Us today and their Halloween costumes are 75% off! These are great for my boys to play dress up in OR to use for next year :)
I got a Baby Darth Vader, GI Joe, and Clone Trooper costumes for $5 each!!!! Love it!!