Sunday, January 8, 2012

Boys and Date Nights

I absolutely LOVE being the mom of boys! God knew in HIS infinite wisdom that 3 beautiful boys were just what I needed to fill my cup. I'll admit that there have been times I wondered why HE didn't allow me to have a daughter and there have been times I longed for this. However, I cannot imagine my life without all the precious things that come along with being the mom of boys and I wouldn't want it any other way.

At this point in my life, I don't even know what I would do with a little girl to raise. I am blessed to have lots of sweet friends with daughters and who gladly let me love on their daughters when I need a girl "fix" and plenty of sweet nieces to do the "girly" thing with. When it comes down to it, though, I love the care-free, low-maintenance, low-drama life of raising boys and it is a perfect fit for my personality.

Cooper's eye injury after playing football in his rain boots (it wasn't raining) in the driveway!
Sure, there are lots of characteristics on the flip side that prove challenging day in and day all the cuts, bruises, wrestling in the floor, destruction of property, burps, farts, and discussions of body parts and all the noises they make, the non-stop smell from the not-so-great aim in the toilet, stinky shoes, mud and dirt that seems to just scream their name and draw them like magnets, and the appetite that has a dramatic impact on my grocery budget!! I wouldn't trade ANY of it for being the "lady" in their life, at least for now.  I cherish the sweet words, "I want to marry you mommy" and how my kisses seem to make all their boo-boo's feel better. I know the day is coming all too soon when they will be taller and bigger than me, when kissing their boo-boo's would be most embarrassing, and when I will no longer be the leading lady in their life. I am thankful for the sweet gift of these boys and pray that we will always have a special relationship! I have also prayed continually, since before they were born, for the ladies that God will bring into their lives one day as their suitable mates in marriage. I cannot wait to meet these young ladies and love them well, as I let go of my babies and allow them to be husbands, fathers, and the men God intended!

Over Christmas break I got to enjoy separate "date nights" with my 2 oldest, Carson and Colby. I loved every minute. They were both such little gentlemen and and I treasured our sweet conversations. I am so blessed with a husband who loves me well and exemplifies the way a lady should be treated. My boys get to see that modeled in our home and that is truly a blessing.

Me and Carson before our date to Mellow Mushroom for dinner, then Sweet Cece's for yogurt 
Me and Colby went on a date to see a movie- The Adventures of Tin Tin, then went to get a hot fudge sundae