Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family Visits

This past weekend the boys Grandma got to come for a visit. Colby was proud to play baseball in front of her. Carson was proud to show off his bike-riding abilities, and Cooper was just proud to show off!! The weekend was complete with a trip to Wal-mart (one of their favorite things to do with grandparents) to get some new silly bands. Apparently, they filled her in on all kinds of things they want for Christmas as well! We watched football, played outside, read books, watched some funny Tom and Jerry episodes, grilled burgers, went to church, and just hung around the house. We were glad she was able to get a ride with some people heading this way, so she didn't have to drive by herself.

Bunky's cousin, Terry, also came in town right after Grandma left because he was here for work!

Two weekends ago the boys Papa came in town for a visit! Again, they got to go to Wal-mart and came home with remote controlled cars, which continue to make lots of noise and zoom all over the house. They have so much fun with them though. We also had our own little tailgate at the house and watched football. Plus, Colby got to play his first baseball game with Papa looking on. The boys also enjoyed wearing Papa's glasses! Thankfully, they didn't get broken. I couldn't get Cooper to cooperate for a picture with papa this time! :(

Colby's 1st Baseball Game

Colby is full "swing" into baseball and loving it! He has sat on the sidelines watching Carson play various sports for the last 3 years and is now feeling like such a big boy himself. He is so fun to watch and takes it very seriously. His papa came in town and got to watch his first game. Then, several of our neighbors came to watch him play his 2nd game. This past weekend his Grandma got to watch him play. He may begin to think that he should have his own cheering section at every game after all the attention.
Daddy getting Colby ready!

Colby in his Rangers uniform (notice how big the pants are)
He is our "little" guy and the small pants swallow him!

Colby and his coach (aka dad) before the game

Colby and Papa at his 1st game

Running home! Notice the serious face with the tongue out!

My Birthday

Well, September 6th was my birthday! It happened to fall on Labor Day this year, which sometimes happens. My dear, sweet husband had a Fantasy Football Draft planned for that night- so, I opted for celebrating ALL weekend instead. I got the better end of that deal!

My boys treated me like a queen- I got to go out to dinner with my best friend, who also happens to be my hubby!! Our wonderful neighbors kept our boys and had them all in bed when we got home. I had a terrific massage at my favorite spa, did some shopping, and didn't cook all weekend! It was GREAT!

Thanks guys for making me feel so special! You bless me beyond words!