Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Clear MRI and Perspective

Well, first of all.... Cooper's MRI was completely cancer-free!! I can't begin to describe what it is like to answer the phone call from his Oncologist after an MRI. I almost feel like I can't breathe as I wait for the words to come out of her mouth. It is truly a relief like nothing I can put into words, to hear good news. I think for so long we continued to get one set of bad news after another, that the good news we have been getting more regularly now is almost unbelievable. I have to pinch myself. So, Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your hand in all of this!!!!! We are filled with JOY and happiness and even more hopeful of what lies ahead for our sweet boy.

Cooper with 3 of the nurses in Radiology- they know him well in there!
He is still coming out of "happy land" from the anesthesia here.

This morning as I was spending a little time in prayer and reading God's word, I just kept thinking about how so many things that seem so big to me at times and consume my time and energy are just so completely worthless. As I thought this morning (before I got the "good news" call), I just had a renewed perspective about life. I tend to draw closer to God when things are tough or uncertain, but He wants me there at all times! I have definitely learned that aligning myself with God's plan- spending time with Him, listening to Him, crying out to Him, stepping out in faith, and taking my focus off of all the craziness of this world we temporarily live in is a practice I should continually walk in- NOT just when life is hard. He reminded me that HE NEVER CHANGES- He is a constant, steady, ROCK, in a world of waves crashing all around. If I will just cling to that, my perspective on life really is different! The things that are sometimes seeming so big are really so small.

Psalm 17:1-2
"I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold."

II Corinthians 4:17-18
"For our light an momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."


Carson played basketball again this year and really loved it. He was on the Tigers team with Coach Jeremy and Coach Mark for the 2nd year in a row, with a lot of his teammates from last year. It is so much fun to watch these boys develop over the season in their confidence and in their skills.

The Tigers ended up winning the EWA Championship for their age group and beat a team who had been undefeated for 2 years! We were some proud parents! Carson and another teammate were selected as "All Stars" for their team. He was so proud.

I also got to experience some of what is to come with having all boys and sports events. The last game of the season, I was videotaping and saw someone go down..... as soon as I heard the scream- I knew it was Carson. I turned off the camera and looked up to blood on the gym floor and Carson's dad carrying him off the court. I waited for a little while, trying to be a tough mom, knowing that Rod and our sweet friend, Dr. David Whetstone, could handle it. Then after about 10 minutes with no one coming out of the room they were in off to the side of the court, I had to check on things. I walked in to blood all over Carson's arms, legs, jersey, etc. His nose was bleeding pretty bad. Apparently, he hit someone pretty hard with his nose. Well, you know noses can really bleed and his certainly was and didn't want to stop. The sight of all the blood freaked him out. However, in the midst of all of us trying to stop the bleeding, he kept yelling out, "It's probably already the 2nd quarter" and "I've got to go play, dad, they need me out there". He also informed Dr. Dave to "hurry up and stop the bleeding so I can play". David just looked at us and said, "he is one tough kid"- I am glad he is tough, but I think I am going to have to be on some medication to handle all the drama, if this is going to be how it is!!! Needless to say, he got to go back in the game once we stopped the bleeding- they made him take off his jersey because it had so much blood on it! Oh, the fun of being mom to boys!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boys can dress up too!

Carson's 100th day of school was a big event at Trinity Elementary! The kids were supposed to dress up like they were "old". Of course, I scrambled around trying to find something and ended up just putting white baby powder in his hair (which had gone away by the time we took this picture), drawing glasses on his face (since no one here has any eyeglasses) and he wore one of dad's ties. He ended up being in a video they did- it was cute! The link to it is below the picture!

Colby also had a "dress up" opportunity at his Mom's Day Out program- it was a 50's Valentine's Sock Hop! He was really cute in his button down shirt with slicked back hair and a comb in his pocket. Check out his cute shoes and rolled up jeans! Oh, and I heard that he did a little dancing at the sock hop!


Well, we ended up having quite a few SNOW DAYS the last month or so! We have an awesome hill behind our house for sledding! Typically, most of the neighbors come over and sled and everyone is in and out of our house to warm up with hot cocoa! I love having all of our friends over.....even though my carpet looks fabulous the next day! Ha! :)

We have actually started having people from anywhere and everywhere, who have heard about our hill, drop by on snow days! Anyone is welcome! We actually counted how many people had come and gone one day at the end of January and it was over 50!!! There is a lake at the bottom of the hill, and although there have been a few times some of the kids have gotten a little too close for my liking- it has never been a problem! Well, unfortunately, after ice fell on the snow- the hill was probably competitive with some of those in the Winter Olympics, and we had a friend sled right into the lake. Scary stuff- but he was fine after a warm bath and was out sledding again an hour later..... this time with about 5-6 adult men standing at the bottom of the hill to "catch" those sledding a little too fast! I think Bunky and I will start having parents sign waivers before they sled after that experience! Just kidding! It really is a lot of fun so I wanted to post a few pictures!
Carson, Bunky with Colby, Mark, Brett with Alex, Matt with Alexandra
Yes, that is me going down the hill- so much fun!

Carson, Thomas, and Cooper Allen
Carson with Dustin and Nate coming up behind him!
Luke, Caroline, Madeline, and Holly

Colby's 4th Birthday

Okay- I know...... it has been WAY too long since I have posted anything on here. I decided I needed to go back and do a little updating since my precious, spunky, independent, funny, stong-willed, middle child turned 4 YEARS OLD on February 10th! Oh, Colby, Colby, Colby! He came into this world rocking it- my first experience with a premature baby- born almost 6 weeks early, yet weighing in at 7 lbs! Good thing we didn't go full-term. My first experience with the fears of the NICU- then multiple hemangiomas, which gave us a scare, hernia surgery, and finally the whole "hemet" experience! I remember thinking...... "Things just couldn't be any more scary for a parent!" Little did I know, right? I look back at all of it now, and realize that it was not really that big of a deal, although it seemed that way at the time. You were my little "chunky monkey" and I could kiss those cheeks a thousand times a day! I love your laid back personality- things don't bother you too much and you are always being silly! Thank you for bringing the special joy to my heart that only you can bring!

Happy 4th Birthday, Colby Watson Cook! I love you beyond words!!!!!