Thursday, February 23, 2012

Colby's 6th Birthday

My sweet Colby only a few weeks old

Colby Watson precious middle boy turned 6 years old on February 10, 2012! There really are so many things about this kid that just overflow my heart with JOY! I know as parents, we can sometimes overly exaggerate the positives about our children, but I can honestly say with is NO exaggeration (and most people who know him would probably agree)! He is one of the most kind-hearted, unselfish, thankful children I know. He is laid back, rarely gets in trouble for anything, is so well-mannered, and goes out of his way to make sure I know how much he loves and appreciates what I do for him. For example, he thanks me every time I cook anything (even if it's a pop-tart), offers to help clean up after himself and his brothers, asks me how I'm feeling about things, offers hugs and snuggles on a very regular basis, and truly obeys without questioning, on the first time on most occasions! Sure, he can get sassy from time to time, not obey, pick on his brothers, and have some melt-downs that are ear-piercing, but not too terribly often. He is a great balance between his older and younger brother, who tend to be on the more dramatic side! Just last week, when I was tucking him in bed he said, "mommy, don't let the bed bugs bite you, because you are just too beautiful"....seriously, he melts my heart with his sweetness!

Colby with his sweet teacher, Mrs. Norris, having the class guess what the treat he brought was!
I went to his school to celebrate on his special day. He also just happened to be selected as "Student of the Week" this week, so he was giving his class clues to guess what the special treat we brought was......Cookie Cake!! 

He got a MarioKart Wii game from his Nonny and Papa- it's actually his 2nd one....they broke their 1st one and he's been wanting another one forever. He was so excited!
His "Harry Potter" birthday cake
Colby with Mrs. Tessie
Colby with Papa and Nonny
Dad and Mom with Colby at Chuck E Cheeses
He had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses with the boys from his class, his brothers, and 2 other good friends. They had a BLAST!! Lots of excitement and EASY preparation/ clean up for mom! My kind of party!!

Wearing his "Crown of Tokens" at Chuck E Cheese
My sweet 6 year old
Happy, Happy Birthday Colby Cook!! You are LOVED!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mud, Mud, and More Mud!

Bunky, Carson, and Colby played in a Father/Son Bowl flag-football game last weekend. It was one of those moments that I have to say I felt a little jealous being the "mom"! I wanted to get out there in that mud and belly slide across the field. My true inner "tom-boy" self was coming out in a big way! I kept my composure and watched and cheered from the sidelines with Cooper.

Worlds BEST dad with Colby and Carson
 Needless to say, they had a BLAST! Their team was made up of some of the dads and sons from our neighborhood. The field was a muddy mess and they made the most of it....slip sliding all over, getting more muddy by the minute. In fact, the car took hours to clean out (and will honestly never quite be the same). Oh, and their clothes....well, that's another story about "a mom's most challenging laundry endeavors". Let's just say, some articles of clothing were just thrown away and others will be forever deemed as "camping/outside play clothes".

Back Row (dads)- Brett Aufdenkamp, Craig Seaman, Mark Carneal,  and Rod Cook
Front (boys)- Alex Aufdenkamp, Thomas Seaman, Sam Carneal, Colby & Carson Cook
The muddy boys- Carson, Colby, Sam, Thomas, and Alex

Love the way my husband is so involved with our boys and I have no doubt they will truly cherish these great, and very fun memories with him. And for the record....I wouldn't trade the dirty car or ruined clothes for that ANY day!