Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Cooper Trooper Foundation Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser

This year was our first year to do a Pumpkin Patch fundraiser for the foundation! We exceeded our expectations and are so proud of the success we had- the foundation raised over $12,000!!!! We will be able to help so many families whose world has been turned upside down by childhood cancer.... that is so exciting.
Cooper playing in the Pumpkins

On a personal level, I just feel so humbled and honored that so many people were willing to volunteer to help pull it all off. God has truly blessed our efforts to reach out and impact families, especially the young siblings, of those in the fight against pediatric cancer. It still amazes me how passionate so many, who have rallied around our own family during our difficult time with Cooper, have become in joining us to fulfill our mission of supporting other families. Words cannot describe the gratefulness I feel in my heart about that!

I think for me, the opportunity to get the word out and let people know about what The Cooper Trooper Foundation does, was really the most exciting thing. I had the opportunity of talking with so many families who didn't know what we did. One of the highlights for me was meeting a couple of families who have actually received our Caring and Courage Kits through Vanderbilt and hearing the impact it had on them as a family during a tough time. I also met several adults who were siblings of kids with cancer at one time- to hear how this experience impacted them and how thankful they were that our foundation was providing a resource now, that they never had the opportunity to receive was priceless!

Members of Page H.S. and JV Football Team, along with coaches who came to unload our first shipment of pumpkins!
Thanks guys!

 Volunteers- Elise, Tessie, Kim, and Will
Volunteers- Jeff, Hap, and Andy

Volunteers- Courtney, Suzanne, Molly W., Molly C., and Mark

 Carson and Colby at the patch

Volunteers for the 3rd shipment of pumpkins- we unloaded 2000 this day!

 Lots and Lots of Pumpkins!

Colby and Carson

 Some of the kids spelled out "PUMPKINS" with the small pumpkins

 Suzanne, Molly, Traci, and me

 Becca Lewis with her mom, Suzanne, and Cooper- Becca was a huge help with Cooper at the patch!
Thanks Becca!

The Sigma Chi Fraternity from Vanderbilt Univ. helping with clean up! 
They made this process go a whole lot faster!

We definitely plan to sell pumpkins again next year!!!
Thank you to everyone who volunteered and bought pumpkins this year.
A special thank you to Molly Westmoreland for coordinating the whole event!